BORN: 22 Feb 1836 Caldwell County, Kentucky
DIED: 25 Apr 1907 (aged 71) in Eddyville, Lyon County, Kentucky

CAMPAIGNS: Fort Donelson, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge,
Brice’s Cross Roads, Franklin and Nashville.


Hylan Benton Lyon was born in Caldwell County, Kentucky, on February 22, 1836.

Son of Matthew Lyon and Elizabeth Maria Lyon. Ward of Frederick Henry Skinner. Married to Grace Lyon. Father of Hugh F. Lyon. Resident of Caldwell County in 1850. Attended the Masonic University in LaGrange, Kentucky, and Cumberland College at Princeton, Kentucky. Graduate of West Point in 1856.

Orphaned in his childhood, he was educated in local schools, and was appointed to the US Military Academy. Lyon graduated in 1856, and served in Florida and in Indian campaigns in Washington Territory. Resigning from the US Military, he joined the Confederate service as an artillery captain. Taken prisoner at Fort Donelson in February of 1862, he was confined on Johnson’s Island, but was released early that autumn. In 1863, he command of two regiments of cavalry and engaged in actions at Knoxville, Tennessee. He took part in the campaign in Mississippi, was promoted Brigadier General in June, 1864 and commanded the Department of Western Kentucky until the Confederate surrender. Lyon took part in campaigning in north Mississippi, at Vicksburg, and at Chattanooga. Praised for his role in the Battle of Brice’s Cross Roads in June of 1864, he also participated in the Franklin and Nashville Campaign. Lyon exiled himself in Mexico, then returned to Kentucky, where he worked as a farmer, and participated in veterans’ affairs. He later became state prison commissioner. Lyon died on April 25, 1907, in Eddyville, Kentucky.