Pvt. David Joseph Blanton

Co K, 26 Regt SC Vol Inf CSA

Born 1834. Died Feb 26, 1865 in Jackson Hospital at Richmond, Virginia and buried there in grave W-52 of the Hallowed Confederate Ground of the Hollywood Cemetery. Private Blanton died of intermittent fever at Jackson Hospital February 26, 1865.

Enlisted January 1, 1862 by Capt. Levi Granger in Blanton Crossroads, S.C. at the age of 30. Private Blanton received a sick furlough October 24 to November 4, 1862. He served as a nurse in November and December 1862. He was sick in the regimental hospital in January and February, 1863. Private Blanton served as a hospital washer March 15 to December 21, 1863. Private Blanton entered Jackson Hospital in Richmond, Va. August 20, 1864 for treatment of fever and diarrhea. He received a 30 day furlough to Fairbluff, NC August 26, 1864. He was absent without leave December 11 to December 19, 1864.

Dedicated on the 139 anniversary of his death by great-grandsons Hoover Clarence Blanton and Weldon Leo Blanton, sons of Clarence Leom Blanton, son of James Madison Blanton.