Born in 1826 in Overton County Tennessee.  Emigrated to Arkansas with his wife Permelia and family by way of Overton, Tennessee.  Then to Dahlonega, Georgia. and then to Chinese Camp, California.   After California, headed back east and homesteaded in Madison County, Kings River Community in Arkansas in 1857.   Their group included his family of 4 and his wife along with his elderly mother and father.  When Arkansas seceded, he enlisted at Huntsville, Arkansas in March 1861.  Capt. Larkin Bunch’s Company (B),  Col. David Walker’s Regiment (4th Arkansas State Troops), Gen. Pierce’s Division.   Fought in the Battle of Oak Hills (Wilson’s Creek) Missouri.  August 10, 1861.   Mustered out at Camp Rector, Arkansas near Fort Smith in October 1861.  Opted not to serve in regular Confederate forces after Arkansas was admitted to the Confederacy.   Returned home to Kings River Community.   Was murdered by bushwhackers in February 1865 after refusing to divulge the location of his family’s food and supplies and the location of local Confederate units.   Family lore claims he was killed by a 16 year old boy.   He died of his wounds while crossing the Kings River as he was being retrieved and returning him home by his family and neighbors.   His wife Permelia never re-married, she raised their family and passed away in 1914.