Felix was my 5th great grandfather, served in the 13th KY calvary. Later became a preacher, died in his 80s.

His father was Moses Combs. He served in the Civil War as a private in the 13th Kentucky Cavalry, Co. C. He first married Susannah Combs on Nov. 24, 1845. They had at least five children. But she died a few months after giving birth to their son Moses. Seven months later, Felix got remarried to Cloa Bransom. She had been previously married to Ezekiel Hall and Russell Begley. Felix had one child with Cloa. In 1894, Felix got married to Sarah (Back) Sumner. She was a widow who had been left with nine little children to raise, after her husband James Sumner Jr. died of typhoid fever in Oct of 1879. She was two months pregnant when he died. Sarah and Felix lived out the last years of their lives together. It was said that he preached at a local church, near Troublesome Creek.

Felix was buried next to his second wife Cloa. It is not known where his third wife Sarah Back was buried.