Son of Thomas Woodward Macon. Born in Pickens County in 1842. Married Cecelia Ursula Rose Galle in 1865.

Served in the CSA, losing left arm at Gettysburg July 3, 1863. Died of tuberculosis. He was the father of 13 children with his wife Cecelia.
They were engaged when he was 19 and she 14. He went to war and she was going to wait on his return. He got back minus an arm. She no longer wanted to marry him after this; however her father Louis got her to go and see him after which she changed her mind.
Thomas worked in several different stores in the Mobile area as a clerk.
He stayed in the War for the full duration and was one of around 53 men out of over 1100 to survive in the 12th Alabama.
In 1868 he was a corresponding secretary for the Lafayette Club in Mobile, as well as the treasurer for the Lafayette Fire Engine.
He was a 3x POW, having been captured at Chancellorsville and then again at Gettysburg. He was sent to Elmira Prison in New York where was eventually released in a prisoner exchange later in 1863.