Joined Sterling Price on his last raid into Missouri in 1864 after his business in Longwood Missouri had been robbed and looted by Federal Troops.  Recruited from Jonesboro now Napton Missouri.  Took over his company when the Captain deserted. Was with Price at the Battle of Westport.  Accompanied Price on his retreat.  Surrendered at Shreveport LA in 1865.  Actually broke his sword.  So I am not sure if it was a surrender or not.

John Boyden Davis, born in Augusta Co., VA – Son of Col William C Davis and Sarah Van Lear.

John married, 2 Aug 1855 in Saline Co., MO, Sarah Elizabeth “Sallie” Smith, a daughter of Gervas Storrs Smith and Mary Booth Sibley.

Father of Gervas William, Infant Son, Carrie Boyden, Mary VanLear, Elizabeth Hannah, Jefferson, Sarah Martha, Lavinia A, Charles Boyden, Joseph Burris Sr, Zeleka Smith, John Richardson, Infant Son, Lewis Eddington and James Monroe Davis.

John died in Nelson, Saline Co., MO.

2nd Great-Grand Uncle

The “HISTORY OF SALINE COUNTY’ reads: “JOHN B. DAVIS. The father of the subject of this sketch, Col. Wm. C. Davis, was born in Augusta County, Virginia in 1794, and lived there until 1838. In the war of 1812 he commanded the 70th Virginia regiment. He was the father of nine children, most of who are now living in Missouri. Jacob C. has filled several important offices in Illinois; was a member of congress, and also in the state legislature, while quite a young man. James R. is a member of the present county court of Saline County, a position he has held before, and which his father held before him. William, formerly a lawyer of Marshall. Dr. D. S. Davis located south of Marshall, on the old homestead. Martha J. Abney, wife of Col. S. S. Abney, of Morgan county, Missouri, and member of the late legislature. Dr. A. A. Davis, an extensive practitioner in Pettis County, Missouri. Judge B. K. Davis, of California. Was elected to the legislature in 1860, and was expelled from the same in 1861, for rebel sentiments. Had to leave the state, and was afterward elected judge in Nevada, and afterwards prosecuting attorney. Returning to the practice of law, he died in 1880. John B., the youngest son, was born in Augusta County, Virginia in 1834. Came to Missouri, when a child, with his father, and was raised mostly in Saline County. In 1855 he was married to Miss Sallie E. Smith, daughter of Gervis S. Smith, by whom he has had twelve children*, nine of whom are living: Gervas W., Mrs. Mary V. Gilbreath, of Saline County, Lizzie H., S. Mattie, Lavinia A., Charles B., Joseph B., Zeleka, and John R. Mr. Davis has been a member of the Methodist Church South, since his eighteenth year. In 1859 he sold his farm and went to merchandising in Longwood, but in 1861 his store was robbed by United States troops, which broke him up. In 1863 he went into the tobacco business, and in 1864 into the Confederate army, in Price’s last raid. In the battles of the retreat he took no part, as he was unarmed. Surrendered as lieutenant at Shreveport, 1865. In 1867 he moved to his present residence in Salt Fork Township. Suffered considerable loss of property during the war, but now has 190 acres of land, mostly in cultivation, good house and good improvements. All his family, except one son, are at home.”
John Boyden Davis and Sarah Elizabeth “Sallie” Smith Davis, in 1900, are enumerated as having had 15 children [9 living] as listed in the upper portion of this bio.