He was born in Maury County, TN.

Was a Private in the Illinois Militia during the Blackhawk Wars.

Was a Captain of the 2nd Mississippi during the Mexican War.

Raised another Company during the Civil War and was elected Captain of the 19th Mississippi, Co. D.

Was wounded at Williamsburg, VA and resigned his commission due to not being able deal with the campaign life that war required.

He died in 1869 according to many who said his death was hastened by his war wound!

Captain Chesley Shelton Coffey married Mississippi Seraphina Davis. She was born to Bradford and Sarah Jones Davis, but was adopted and raised by Rev. John G. Jones and his wife Jane when tragedy struck her family and she lost her parents.

Captain Coffey appears in census records in 1850 with wife, Mississippi. He professed to be a farmer. The family appears again in the 1860 census. He was a 44-yr old planter with real estate valued at $10,000, and personal property valued at $5,200. By today’s standards, this would be worth over 3/4 of a million dollars.

He served in the 19th Mississippi, Company D of the Confederate States of America. Capt. Coffey was wounded at Williamsburg, VA and resigned his commission on Feb. 14, 1863. The family story is that he was hit with a canon ball in his leg and never fully recovered from that wound.