Lieutenant Francisco Moreno, Jr was one of a number of men of Hispanic descent who were part of the Southern Aristocracy that fought for the Confederacy. His father, Francisco Moreno, Sr was the largest banker in Pensacola, Florida and his grandfather, Fernando Moreno, was a surgeon in the Spanish Army stationed in Pensacola, Florida. His great-grandfather, Francisco Moreno, commanded the Spanish colony of New Iberia, Louisiana in 1778. He was clearly connected to the upper echelons of the Confederate Army, not only serving with General Beauregard, but his sister, Angela Sylvania Moreno, was married to the Confederate Secretary of Navy Stephen Mallory, who was also from Pensacola, Florida.

Moreno was mortally wounded, being shot through the legs while at the Battle of Shiloh April 6, 1862.

Lieutenant Moreno joined the Orleans Guard Battalion Infantry, Co. A, a six-company organization that entered Confederate service in December 1861. General P. G. T. Beauregard was also a member of this battalion which formed part of his command during the Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862.

(Moreno, F., 2nd Lt. Co. A, Orleans Guards. Regt. La. Militia. Appears on Report for Oct., 1861, of the La. Legion, 1st Div., commanded by Brig. Gen. James Trudeau, and Supplemental Report of Maj. Gen. John L. Lewis, commanding 1st Div. L. V. T. Roll dated Feb. 24, 1862, ordered into service of the State of Louisiana.)

(Moreno, F., 2nd Lt. 3rd Co. Orleans Guards Regt. La. Militia. Appears on a Report of the La. Legion, 1st Div., commanded by Brig. Gen. James Trahan, Comdg. 1st Div., L. V. T., Report dated Oct. 1861. Appears as 2nd Lt. of Capt. Chas. Roman’s (3rd) Co. Regt. Orleans Guards Militia. On Roll dated Feb. 24, 1862, ordered into service of the State of La. Lt. F. Moreno is mentioned by Gen. Beauregard, April 15, 1862, as missing at battle of Shiloh. See Page 456, Vol. 3, Series 2, United States Record.)

A Lt. F. Moreno, La. Volunteers, is mentioned by Gen. Braxton Bragg, June 13,
1862, See Page 27, Vol. 4, Series 2, U. S. Records, as captured at battle of Shiloh).
The Orleans Guards’ casualties were 17 killed, 55 wounded, and 18 missing. Among those was Lieutenant Moreno. General Beauregard made a personal inquiry regarding Lieutenant Moreno by flag of truce to Union General Buell.

Severely wounded, Moreno was allowed to leave the hospital to be cared for at the home of a personal friend in Louisville, Cuthbert Bullitt, where he later died of his wounds on May 4, 1862. Upon his death, he was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY but was later moved in 1866 to New Orleans. He now rests in St. Louis Cemetery #2 with his wife and son.

Before the war, he was partner in firm “C.A.& F. Moreno Jr”, commercial merchants, located at 44 Old Levee Street. Thru this business, he became friends with Cutherbert Bullitt, also of the same occupation in the city. He resided at 290 St Peter Street. In 1866, his funeral was held at this same address where his wife and children still lived.

Transcription of New Orleans Funeral Notice
March 7, 1866
New Orleans Bee

On the 4th Day of May 1862 at Louisville, Ky from wounds received at the battle of Shiloh FRANCIS MORENO, Jr. of this city.
His friends, acquaintances, and those of the Bouny and Barnett families are invited to attend his funeral TODAY, at 6 o’clock P.M., precisely, from his widow’s residence, No. 290 St. Peter Street, between Claiborne and Derbigny Streets.