Henry Harrison Galloway was born in Georgia on October 7, 1839, but moved into Alabama as a young man. He served as a 2nd corporal in Co. H, 46th Alabama Infantry Regiment C.S.A. He was at the surrender of Vicksburg July 4th, 1863, was paroled, and went home for two months before rejoining the Army. As part of the rearguard after the defeat at Nashville, he was captured on Dec. 17th, 1864, and taken to Camp Douglas in Chicago Illinois where he and his fellow Brothers in Arms suffered without blankets (some even without coats or shoes) through one of the coldest winters on record. In his own words he stated that he survived on a one-inch square of pork for breakfast, the stock it was cooked in for lunch, and supper never came. On the bright side though, this low-fat diet evidently did him some good as he fathered 22 children (11 by my Great Grandmother and 11 after she passed with his next wife Fannie) He lived to be 92 dying on Valentines Day February 14th, 1932.