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How you can Support Confederate Heritage

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Why Are We The Best?

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Confederate Museum Fund

In July of 2009 the Sesquicentennial Society was created for the purpose of providing for the raising of funds to construct a new building on the grounds of Elm Springs which will provide office space for our employees but more importantly house The Confederate Museum.

This new museum will tell the true history of the South in its struggle for independence that began nearly 150 years ago, and it will be dedicated to fine men who served the Confederate armed forces. It will ensure visitors understand the real causes for which these men were willing to leave their homes and families, then to suffer deprivation of adequate food, clothing, shelter, and often inferior weapons and a lack of sufficient ammunition.

Please help your Compatriots in the SCV in this effort to build this new museum where the message will be the truth about the War Between the States, the historic circumstances leading up to hostilities, and the events that occurred immediately after the war ended. You may rest assured that the Confederate Museum will never fall victim to revisionist history and what is expedient and politically correct.

Total fund raising to date is nearing $200,000 and the SCV is committed to approving a design as soon as is reasonably possible, and a goal of breaking ground some time during 2011. This fund accepts donations from SCV members and non-members.

Patrick Cleburne Guild

In honor of the great Irish-born Confederate General that so clearly understood what our struggle would be in maintaining our Heritage, a handsome marble piece is available to members for a $1000 contribution to the Heritage Fund. It may also be bestowed upon a Compatriot by his Camp, Division or other unit, or by another member with an accompanying certificate, bearing the name of the recipient and benefactor(s). It is inscribed with the General’s quotation —

Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.”

Also inscribed are the name of the recipient (and benefactor, if appropriate) and the SCV logo.

Heritage Support Team

The Heritage Support Team (HST) is a “Booster Club” with three levels

  • Silver – $50
  • Gold – $100
  • Platinum – $250

Each contributor will have his name on an Honor Roll in the Confederate Veteran, and will receive a certificate.

Gift Certificates for SCV Merchandise will be given as a thank you. Gold members will receive a $25 certificate, and Platinum members will receive a $50 certificate. Platinum contributors will have $100 of their donation sent to their Division Heritage Fund in their name*.

All first-time HST contributors receive a complimentary Battle Flag lapel pin.

*For members that are not affiliated with a Division, or for a Division without a Heritage Fund, this amount will remain in the General Organization Heritage Fund.

Forrest Home Fund

The SCV has budgeted $25,000 a year for nearly a decade to be used to repair, renovate, restore, protect, and maintain the boyhood home of Nathan Bedford Forrest near Chapel Hill, Tennessee. The actual annual expenses normally exceed this amount each year, and this additional work is able to be accomplished by gifts to this fund which will accept donations from SCV members and non-members.

SCV Bicentennial Fund

The SCV General Executive Council established the Bicentennial Fund in July 2009 to be funded in part by individuals, SCV camps and divisions who purchase membership in the Sesquicentennial Society. The GEC believed it would be a good idea to begin saving money in 2010 in order to make funds available to our future members and officers to allow them the means and ability to advertise, promote, celebrate, and remember in 2060 the valor and sacrifice of brave Confederate soldiers on the 200th anniversary of the beginning of secession and the War Between the States. Donations are accepted from SCV members and non-members.

Heritage Promotion Endowment

The General Executive Council made the decision to divide the responsibilities of the Heritage Defense Committee due to the many assaults on our “Sacred Banners”. A new Heritage Promotion Committee was created and given the responsibility of assisting SCV Camps and Divisions which wish to erect Confederate mega-flag displays along interstate highways throughout the South and even the great Northwest. It is very expensive to maintain these sites, repair and replace the flags that are damaged by winds and storms; thus, the Heritage Promotion Endowment Fund was created to have a source of funding to help those organizations without the financial ability to cover these expenses. Numerous small donations are expected to be the primary source of funding to build this Endowment and provide the necessary funding in the future. Donations are accepted from SCV members and non-members.

Stand Watie Scholarship Fund

There can be no greater duty than to present the true history of the South to future generations, including your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren yet to arrive. The Stand Watie Scholarship, named for the only American Indian Confederate General Officer, is a one time award of $1,000 to young men and women, descendants of soldiers and sailors who served honorably in the CSA military. Applicants must have completed at least one year of post high school education. The small size of this endowment currently limits the number of awards to only three or four per year, and increased support of this program through the generous donations from members will enable the SCV to add to the number of educational grants provided annually. What better way could there be to postiviely influence the futue teachers, politicians, jouranlists, military officers and leaders in all professions than to provide financial assistance with the high costs of attaining a college education? Donations are accepted from SCV members and non-members.

SCV Life member Logo

Life Members Endowment Fund

The SCV currently has more than 3,400 fully paid Life members from whom no annual dues are received. Until the past nine years, the funds from Life Member purchases were often used to pay current annual expenses. Since 2002 the SCV has made a concerted effort to place all Life Member purchases and payments into this investment account. As a result this fund has grown from approximately $150,000 to a sum approaching one half million dollars. The long term goal is to encourage as many SCV members as possible to make the commitment to become Life Members and to grow this fund to several million dollars to enable future leaders to use the interest and earnings to help defray annual recurring expenses. Your support will help this fund grow more quickly. Donations are accepted from SCV members and non-members.

SCV Relief Fund

The SCV General Executive Council re-established the SCV Relief Fund in September 2005, in response to the devastating hurricanes that destroyed numerous homes and businesses in the Gulf Coast area. The SCV Relief Fund follows the traditions of United Confederate Veterans Relief and Aid Societies which were established over 100 years ago to provide aid and assistance to our veteran ancestors and their widows. The SCV will always endeavor to take care of our own.

The purpose of the SCV Relief Fund is to provide emergency monetary assistance in the form of grants up to $500 (not loans that need to be repaid) to SCV members and their families who have been displaced from their homes due to hurricanes, tornadoes, fires or other natural disasters in their geographical areas. Written requests may be submitted by a camp or division commander for review by the SCV Relief Committee. SCV General Headquarters sends a check to the member when the committee approves the grant request.

This is a very worthwhile cause and a chance for camps and members to help their fellow SCV members during times of great need and personal tragedy.

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