As a way to recognize persons who support the SCV, but do not meet the
requirements for membership, the General Executive Council (GEC) has approved
the “Friends of the SCV” concept which has now come to fruition. For a minimum
initial donation of $40, the “Friend” receives a nice certificate suitable for framing, a
FOSCV lapel pin and a one-year subscription to the Confederate Veteran magazine.
Subsequent donations of $30 or more each year will maintain the CV subscription
and friendship. Please note that “Friends” are not SCV members, may not exercise
any rights of membership to include claiming to be members. The “Friends of the
SCV” application may be accessed on the SCV website at this link: .
Camps which already have associate membership programs in place for their
supporters who do not have Confederate ancestry are free to either participate in this
program or continue their current system.