BACK ORDERED! The Civil War was a war unlike any other. The bravery and strength the soldiers showed, the determination in the direst of circumstances, and the fearlessness when met with challenges never dreamed of set these dark years apart. So much has been recorded about the War Between the States from the bloody battles to the steadfast generals. However, there were others present who are often forgotten: young people who were faced with a fate they never thought they would meet when their lives were taken out of their control.

These children of the Confederacy soon grew accustomed to empty fields, family members who never returned home, and lives shortened by the hard impact of a bullet. Many felt a calling to join the cause and found themselves in the same situations as their adult counterparts: prisoners of war, amputees, spies, or guides for generals—only they were barely twenty years old. This collection of true accounts presents the voices of those who faced the ultimate test of character and courage and until now have so rarely been heard. The stories of these emerging adults provide an engrossing exploration of the Civil War in a way that is unlike any other in delivery and subject matter.