Sons of Confederate Veterans
  • A Southern Soldier Boy (hardback)-The Diary of Sergeant Beaufort Simpson Buzhardt 1838-1862. Annotated and Edited by H.V. Traywick, Jr. The wartime diary of a Confederate infantryman who served from the outbreak of the War Between the States until he was killed in one of the Seven Days' Battles near Richmond in 1862. The diary has been illuminated with pertinent maps and illustrations, and its day-to-day immediacy has been embellished throughout with lively and colorful excerpts from D. Augustus Dickert's "History of Kershaw's Brigade" to put the diary into a broader context. Chapters include South Carolina's secession, the call to arms and the march to Virginia, the first Battle of Manassas, winter quarters in Northern Virginia, the Peninsula Campaign and the Seven Days' Battles around Richmond. This work gives the reader a portrait of Southern hopes in the early days of the War and introduces to the reader the stormy birth of General Lee's legendary Army of Northern Virginia.
  • ONLY ONE COPY AVAILABLE! Published in 1996. Hardback. Good condition. This book looks at the ordinary people who fought the war and the people they left behind. It is about Belle Starr and Johnny Clem, one of the South's top female spies, the other a nine-year-old drummer boy who went on to serve 46 years in the U.S. Army. It is about the first shot fired at Fort Sumter and the final lowering of the Confederate flag. It is about death on the battlefields and in prison cells, about women fighting to be recognized for their accomplishments, and how people on both sides managed to survive the deadliest war this nation has seen.
  • ONLY ONE COPY AVAILABLE - EXCELLENT CONDITION! Hardback. The military events surrounding the frontier village of Westport, Missouri, during the autumn of 1864 were part of a Confederate raid that exceeded any Civil War cavalry raid. The climax of a last-ditch Confederate invasion of Missouri, the battle ended forever the bitter fighting that had devastated the Missouri-Kansas border. First published more than thirty years ago and now available with a new introduction and notes that update the text, Action Before Westport presents the only full account of that most unusual and daring Civil War battle. In addition to incorporating official records, newspaper accounts, letters, diaries, journals, and privately printed records, Monnett consulted several previously undiscovered manuscripts, two of them the work of key Confederate generals in the raid. The result is a classic work that is both immensely readable and impressive in its documentation.
  • NEW CONDITION - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! Published in 2006. This book is the Civil War journal of William Pitt Chambers, a chaplain from Mississippi who served in the 46th Mississippi Regiment.
  • TWO COPIES AVAILABLE! Hardbound. 404 pages. Excellent condition. Born in New Jersey in 1818, a graduate of West Point in 1843, Samuel French won distinction in the Mexican war as a lieutenant of light artillery. At Palo Alto, Resaca, Monterey and Buena Vista he was actively engaged, receiving two brevets for gallantry in action and a serious wound at Buena Vista. But with the coming of the great civil war his narrative takes on a sterner interest. French was of Northern birth, but it is plain that the South had not a more devoted adherent. Commissioned a brigadier general in the provisional army of the Confederate States in October 1861, French served in various capacities with zeal and efficiency until his appointment as major general to command a division of the army under Gen. J.E. Johnston. A very interesting read!
  • ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! A history of the 30th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America. This is the story of a group of men who formed a combat regiment in the Spring of 1862, and went off to war. Hardbound & out of print. 370 pages. Excellent condition.
  • ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! New in plastic - this hardbound book is completely written in German. Part chronicle, part documentary, part novel, this book explores the story surrounding Captain Henry Wirz and Andersonville prison.
  • Published in 1959. With text drawn from diaries and letters and pictures from public and private collections this book tells in detail the history of the American Civil War. 273 pages.
  • Published in 1998. Illustrated with 175 wartime photographs. 205 pages. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!
  • Published in 1989 by William M. Glasgow, Jr. - 1st Regular Edition. A history of the 17th Virginia Infantry Regiment. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE
  • 450 Union and Confederate Soldiers narrate the stirring events of 1863's Tullahoma, Chickamauga and Chattanooga campaigns in Tennessee and Georgia. Illustrated with 465 wartime photographs. 483 pages. Published in 1996. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!
  • ONE COPY AVAILABLE! Beautiful over-sized hardbound book. These books are very difficult to find and this one is in excellent condition. Has very detailed information about the war. 480 pages. The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War: The Campaigns, Battles, Sieges, Charges and Skirmishs / The Foundation and Formation of the Confederacy / The Confederate States Navy Hardcover – October 1, 1977
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