The bedrock of the Southern American culture was that the Bible was indeed the infallible word of the God who created the heavens, the Earth, and all that is therein; and that Jesus Christ is the only means of redemption. Therefore it should not be surprising to anyone that at the beginning of the War of Northern Aggression many of the political, military officers and soldiers were Christians. As a result they knew the great need for those going into battle to possess the Bible, New Testaments, tracts and hymn books, especially for those who were unsaved.
It was simply amazing how politicians, army commanders, preachers, churches, chaplains and the people of the Confederacy immediately set into motion whatever was necessary to supply the troops with God’s word. –Rev. Dr. Herman White

This small prayer book was originally published in Charleston, SC, early in the War to be distributed to Confederate soldiers marching off to war or already in the field. Hopefully this book played a part in bringing comfort to the men in the field as they faced the horrors of war.