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Frequently Asked Questions2020-01-09T20:59:43-06:00
Why is there an Amazon ad on the website?2018-07-12T20:10:58-06:00

The Sons of Confederate Veterans has for many years had the opportunity to earn revenue from Amazon through the AmazonSmile Foundation that will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Although Amazon removed most of the Confederate Products from their site a few years ago, it gives the Sons of Confederate Veterans the opportunity to offer items to our membership that keeps our money spent inside the Confederate Community. You can purchase many Confederate items from the SCV Store.

What are the requirements for Life Membership?2020-01-09T21:56:14-06:00
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All forms should be filled out and mailed to Headquarters at –

Sons of Confederate Veterans
P.O. Box 59
Columbia, TN 38402

I want to discontinuing the Confederate Veteran Magazine2018-07-12T19:08:41-06:00

You can discontinue to receive the Confederate Veteran Magazine with removing your name from our shipping list by sending an email to Member Services.

I have a question about my current Membership?2018-07-12T10:53:23-06:00

Member Services can answer all questions concerning past, current, and future membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

How to l add or update information on the website?2020-12-01T13:53:33-06:00

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    How do l submit Camp activity/event photos to Confederate Veteran magazine?2020-01-09T20:19:54-06:00

    All photo submissions for the Confederate Veteran Magazine can be submitted here.

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      All Photo Submissions for the Confederate Veteran must include Camp name and Number with descriptions and identification of who is in the picture.

      How do I update my personal information for the SCV?2018-07-12T20:16:01-06:00

      Any member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans can update their personal information by logging into the SCV Member portal. You can reset your password from this page as well. Once logged in you can edit from the member profile page.

      If you don’t know your login information or your member account hasn’t been activated, you can request activation here.

      How do I update a camp web address?2018-07-12T20:30:38-06:00

      Leadership of the Camp can submit updates at this link.

      How do I register a Confederate Soldiers grave/final resting place?2018-07-12T02:02:03-06:00

      You can submit the Confederate Soldiers final resting place information online at 

      Follow the instructions to download and submit the soldiers information.

      For other questions you can contact Graves & Monument Committee

      How do I login to view Confederate Veteran Magazine online?2018-07-12T18:47:05-06:00

      The Confederate Veteran Magazine digital archive is a service for members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. You will submit the password on the Confederate Veterans Archive page.

      If you don’t have the password to access the archive you can request it with this submission form. You will need to submit your member number and the email that you wish to have the password sent.

      How do I login and access my SCV Member Account online?2018-07-12T11:09:52-06:00

      You can login to your SCV Member account on the login page.

      If you haven’t received a welcome email from HQ with instructions to create a password, it is likely due to HQ not having a current email. You can submit your Name, Member Number, and the email you wish to use on the Activate Member Login form and within 24 hrs your account will be enabled and a notification email will be sent.

      If you have already logged in and have forgotten your password, you can request to reset your password from the Login Page.

      How do I Join the Sons of Confederate Veterans?2020-08-03T18:28:14-06:00

      Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to all male descendants of any veteran who served honorably in the Confederate armed forces. Membership can be obtained through either direct or collateral family lines and kinship to a veteran must be documented genealogically. You will join a local Camp or the Headquarters Camp if there isn’t one local. A full overview and qualifications can be found at the Eligibility Page.

      The application to join the SCV can be found here.

      You can get information for the camp closest to your location by emailing

      All other questions concerning joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans can be addressed by emailing a recruiter.

      How do I join the Mechanized Cavalry?2018-07-12T20:47:20-06:00
      Any member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are welcome and encouraged to join the Mechanized Cavalry. First and Foremost We are the Sons of Confederate Veterans. There are currently no annual dues or fees. The Mechanized Cavalry is a Heritage group and is not a motorcycle club. We follow a set of standing orders necessary to uphold the ethics and values of our organization. Every member of the Mechanized Cavalry knows what it is to “Ride as you would with Forrest”
      How do I get a new membership card?2018-07-12T20:34:51-06:00

      A current member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans can request a new Membership Card by contacting Member Services.

      How do I find out if i have a confederate soldier as an ancestor?2018-07-13T12:49:49-06:00

      The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a volunteer organization and while we do not employ paid genealogist, we do have men who volunteer their time and talents to researching potential soldiers that may have served in the Confederate States Army and Navy to verify lineage to descendants to qualify a man to be eligible in joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

      For more information and finding help in research you can seek an SCV Genealogist.

      How do I find more information on a confederate soldier?2018-07-12T18:55:40-06:00

      The Sons of Confederate Veterans does not have a complete database of every Confederate Soldier and Sailor that served. We continue to research and build our archive of information everyday. There are resources that may aid in acquiring the information on the particular soldier or sailor that you are searching for.

      Resource Links –

      How do I find a camp near me?2020-08-03T18:22:21-06:00

      The Sons of Confederate Veterans has almost 1,000 camps in almost every State and several Countries. You can get the camp closest to your location by emailing

      How do I donate money to the SCV for a program or project?2018-07-12T12:11:21-06:00

      You can help support many different programs and projects that the Sons of Confederate Veterans has ongoing. All money can be donated online here. Or, can be mailed to SCV Headquarters.

      Sons of Confederate Veterans
      PO Box 59
      Columbia, TN 38402

      Please include which program or project you wish the funds to support on the check.

      How do I donate land for a Confederate Flag Memorial?2018-07-12T12:20:13-06:00

      All land donations from anywhere can be coordinated by emailing the SCV Heritage Operations Deputy of Promotions.

      How do I become a member of the Friends of the SCV?2022-04-19T14:47:19-06:00

      You must be affiliated and sponsored by a local SCV Camp The application to become a Friend of the SCV must be submitted with a check in the amount of $40.00, made payable to the SCV for an initial membership in the Friends of the SCV for which you will receive a membership certificate, lapel pin and a one year subscription to the Confederate Veteran magazine which is published six times each year. You will also declare that you are not a member of any anti-American or hate group such as the KKK, neo-Nazi or other White supremacy organization, including groups whose objectives are contrary to the mission and purpose of the SCV as described above and in official SCV literature.

      The Friends of the SCV application can be found and printed here.

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