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Abram (Abe- Abraham) HowardRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 11th SC Infantry - 9th volunteers Abram (Abe- Abraham) Howard was …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Abram GaineyRank: 1st SargentCompany: CUnit Served: 54th North Carolina Regiment Military Record May 7, 1862 – …North Carolinanorth-carolina
Alex Joseph BournRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 26th SC Infantry Pvt. Alex Joseph Bourn 1844-1884 Co A, 26th …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Alexander Campbell EarleRank: CaptainCompany: BUnit Served: 4th SC Infantry Capt Alexander Campbell Earle Co B 4th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Alfred English DobyRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (2nd Palmetto Regiment) Lieut. Alfred English …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Amaziah Whitman GentryRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: South Carolina Battalion Infantry Pvt. Amaziah Whitman Gentry SC Inf Birth: …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Andres/Andreas Rodriguez/RodrigesRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 8th Texas Infantry Born in 1833 in San Fernando De Rosas, …Texastexas
Andrew Patterson Calhoun CampbellRank: CaptainCompany: GUnit Served: 18th South Carolina Volunteers lnfantry Capt Andrew Patterson Calhoun Campbell Birth: …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Andrew TennantRank: PvtCompany: BUnit Served: 20th Virginia Cavalry Andrew Tennant BIRTH 10 Feb 1839 West Virginia, …Virginiavirginia
Barnabas EdwardsRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 1st Battalion, NC Heavy Artillery Pvt Barnabas Edwards Savannah Morning News …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Benjamin Grier CollinsRank: PrivateCompany: Co. AUnit Served: 7th SC Cavalry Reg Benjamin Grier Collins 1845-1929 was a …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Charles Antoine ManginRank: 2nd lieutenant Company: company 2 Unit Served: independent french volunteers ,1st division Charles Antoine …Louisianalouisiana
Council Evander CollinsRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 26th S.C. Volunteer Infantry Regiment Council Evander Collins of Florence County, …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Daniel H MartinRank: SergeantCompany: EUnit Served: 26th SC Infantry Sgt. Daniel H Martin Co E 26th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
David J. HarrelsonRank: LieutenantCompany: LUnit Served: 10th SC Infantry Lieut. David J. Harrelson 1836-1866 Co. L, 10th …South Carolinasouth-carolina
David Joseph BlantonRank: PrivateCompany: KUnit Served: 26 Regiment South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Pvt. David Joseph Blanton Co …South Carolinasouth-carolina
David Lemuel Warren AllenRank: PrivateCompany: UnknownUnit Served: Thomas Legion of Cherokee and Highlanders Born in Georgia, but lived …North Carolinanorth-carolina
David NeffRank: CaptainCompany: HUnit Served: 1st Tennessee Cavalry (Carter's) Enlisted at age 52 at Mossy Creek, …Tennesseetennessee
David Wyatt AikenRank: ColonelCompany: AdjutantUnit Served: 7th South Carolina Infantry Birth: Mar. 17, 1828 Winnsboro Fairfield County …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Dr Edward Mortimer BoykinRank: MajorCompany: KUnit Served: 7th Regiment of SC Cavalry Dr Edward Mortimer Boykin Birth: May …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Dr Moses Clayton CoxRank: 2nd & 3rd LieutenantCompany: EUnit Served: 3rd Battalion infantry Dr Moses Clayton Cox Co …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Dr. Frederick Sims LewieRank: Lt. ColonelCompany: CUnit Served: 15th SC Infantry Lt. Col. (Dr.) Frederick Sims Lewie, BIRTH …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Ebenezer StenhouseRank: 3rd LieutenantCompany: CUnit Served: 2nd South Carolina Volunteers lntantry Lt. Ebenezer Stenhouse Ebenezer lived …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Edmond Thomas IngramRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 7th Alabama Cavalry Regiment Private Edmond Thomas Ingram served in the …Alabamaalabama
Edward Richard SimmsRank: Private & CorporalCompany: D & KUnit Served: 2nd South Carolina Infantry & Brooks Artillery …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Edward Waldo FantRank: PrivateCompany: D & KUnit Served: Fourth Infantry Regiment Edward Waldo Fant Birth: Jul. 17, …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Elbert BlandRank: Lt. ColonelCompany: HUnit Served: 7th South Carolina lnfantry Lt. Col. Elbert Bland Birth: Apr. …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Elijah R. AmickRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 15th SC Infantry Pvt. Elijah R. Amick Co. C, 15th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Elisha Capers BunchRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 6th SC Cavalry Pvt. Elisha Capers Bunch Birth: Feb. 13, 1828 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Elisha TylerRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: Manigault's Battalion SC Artillery Pvt. Elisha Tyler of Horry County, SC. …South Carolinasouth-carolina
George Lewis CauthenRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: Second Infantry (Second Palmetto Regiment) Birth: Jul. 5, 1839 Death: Aug. …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Henry “Uncle Dad” BrownRank: MusicianCompany: F & HUnit Served: 21st Regt. SC Infantry & 8th SC Infantry BIRTH …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Henry Holcombe BunchRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 28th Mississippi Regiment Cavalry Henry Holcombe Bunch Was Born In 1842 …Mississippimississippi
Henry Jackson TaylorRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: 34th Alabama Infantry Pvt. Henry Jackson Taylor Born 11/15/1840 To Parents …Alabamaalabama
Henry James ColemanRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 62ND Alabama Regiment Inf. Henry James Coleman Was Born 12/08/1846 In …Alabamaalabama
Henry Louis MarlowRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 10th SC Inf Henry Marlow of Horry County, SC. BIRTH 10 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Hilliard ToddRank: PrivateCompany: K Unit Served: 1st SC Artillery Hilliard Todd A Confederate Soldier, Co. B-Manigault’s …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Hylan Benton LyonRank: Brigadier General Company: 8th Kentucky Unit Served: Infantry BORN: 22 Feb 1836 Caldwell County, …Kentuckykentucky
Isaac BallRank: CorporalCompany: BUnit Served: Capt Melchers' Co, German Artillery Isaac Ball Birth: Apr. 21, 1844 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Jacob CannonRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 10th SC Infantry Pvt. Jacob Cannon Co G, 10th SC Inf …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Jacob Madison McKayRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 8th S.C. Infantry Pvt. Jacob Madison McKay born in Timmonsville,S.C. on …South Carolinasouth-carolina
James Calvin BeamguardRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 18th SC Infantry James Calvin Beamguard BIRTH 17 Aug 1842 Fairfield …South Carolinasouth-carolina
James Hampton HarrelsonRank: PrivateCompany: KUnit Served: 26th S.C. Volunteer Infantry Regiment Pvt James Hampton Harrelson A Confederate …South Carolinasouth-carolina
James Henry TaylorRank: SergeantCompany: CUnit Served: 1st SC Volunteer Infantry James Henry Taylor BIRTH –  12 Mar …South Carolinasouth-carolina
James Hogan DoyleRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 7th South Carolina Cavalry Pvt James Hogan Doyle Co G 7th …South Carolinasouth-carolina
James Knox Polk NeffRank: 2nd Lieutenant Company: HUnit Served: 1st Tennessee Cavalry (Carter's) Mustered in at Dandridge, TN …Tennesseetennessee
James Washington ClarkRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 1st Regiment SC Volunteers, (McCreary's Infantry) James Washington Clark Co H …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Jefferson F. Ballew/BellewRank: CorporalCompany: HUnit Served: 22nd SC lnfantry Birth: 1819 Death: unknown Cpl Jefferson F. Ballew/Bellew …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Jeremiah BrownRank: Private Company: Company AUnit Served: 15th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Jeremiah and his brother …North Carolinanorth-carolina
John Alex SarterRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: 18th SC Infantry Private John Alex Sarter Co. B, 18th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
John Andrew DevlinRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 7th South Carolina Infantry John Andrew Devlin Co C 7th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
John B. SuttonRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 18th NC John B. Sutton of Bladen County, NC, was 40 …North Carolinanorth-carolina
John Garvin GreerRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 16th Regiment South Carolina Infantry John Garvin Greer Co F 16th …South Carolinasouth-carolina
John Henry PorterRank: CaptainCompany: AUnit Served: 59th Alabama Regiment Infantry John Henry Porter Enlisted in Hilliard’s Legion …Alabamaalabama
John Mitchell GrubbsRank: SergeantCompany: AUnit Served: 1st State Troops Sgt. John Mitchell Grubbs Co A 1st State …South Carolinasouth-carolina
John Robert EllisRank: LieutenantCompany: IUnit Served: 19th South Carolina Infantry Lieut John Robert Ellis Co I 19th …South Carolinasouth-carolina
John Sumter ColeRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 7th SC Cavalry Pvt John Sumter Cole Co F 7th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
John Taylor StenhouseRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: 16th South Carolina Infantry John Taylor Stenhouse, b. 1831–d. 1891, John …South Carolinasouth-carolina
John Warren WhiteRank: LieutenantCompany: KUnit Served: Palmetto Sharpshooter Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers lntantry Lt. John Warren White …South Carolinasouth-carolina
John Wesley Bruce HughesRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 4th Alabama Cavalry John Wesley Bruce Hughes (11 Sep 1831 Spartanburg, …Alabamaalabama
Joseph Jackson ToddRank: SergeantCompany: GUnit Served: 10th SC Infantry Sgt. Joseph Jackson Todd 1816-1901 Co G, 10th …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Joseph Monroe LoveallRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 7th Tennessee Infantry Regiment He was mustered into service at Gallatin …Tennesseetennessee
Joseph Wesley AmickRank: PrivateCompany: IUnit Served: 15th SC Infantry Pvt. Joseph Wesley Amick, Co. I, 15th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Larkin Gambrell ClardyRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 18th Regiment SC Infantry Pvt Larkin Gambrell Clardy Co D 18th …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Levi Marion KilgoreRank: Pvt.Company: CUnit Served: 28th TN Cavalry Levi Marion Kilgore joined the 28th TN Cavalry …Tennesseetennessee
Manuel Simeon CorleyRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: First (McCreary's) Infantry (First Provisional Army) Manuel Simeon Corley Birth: 10 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Matthew Calbraith Butler SrRank: Major GeneralCompany: AUnit Served: 2nd South Carolina Cavalry Major Gen Matthew C Butler Birth: …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Michael Boliver KennedyRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 27th South Carolina Regiment Infantry. Michael Boliver Kennedy Born 01/27/1826 in …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Norbert TrepagnierRank: CaptainCompany: AUnit Served: 30th LA lnfantry Regiment Capt. Norbert Trepagnier BIRTH 1821 DEATH 9 …Louisianalouisiana
Philip L. ClineRank: Private/Hospital StewardCompany: FUnit Served: 61st Tennessee Infantry Enlisted at Mossy Creek, Jefferson County in …Tennesseetennessee
Redmond Foster WyattRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 22nd South Carolina Vol. Infantry Redmond Foster Wyatt. Company G, 22nd …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Rev Andrew Jackson EddinsRank: PrivateCompany: C & FUnit Served: 6th SC Cavalry Rev Andrew Jackson “Jack” Eddins 6th …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Rev George Washington BusseyRank: PrivateCompany: I,DUnit Served: 7th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry Rev George Washington Bussey Birth: 1845 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Rev William Moffatt GrierRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 6th Regiment SC Infantry Rev William Moffatt Grier 6th Regt. SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Robert BinghamRank: Captain Company: GUnit Served: 44th North Carolina Infantry “Robert Bingham, headmaster of Bingham School …North Carolinanorth-carolina
Robert Gill Mills DunovantRank: ColonelCompany: F & SUnit Served: 12th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry Robert Gill Mills Dunovant …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Samuel Dekalb BarronRank: PrivateCompany: Kanapaux's CompanyUnit Served: South Carolina Light Artillery (Lafayette Artillery) Birth: Jan. 31, 1847 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Samuel DibbleRank: LieutenantCompany: A, GUnit Served: 1st Regiment South Carolina Volunteers, 25th Regiment Samuel Dibble Birth: …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Samuel GoodwinRank: Corporal Company: GUnit Served: 4th calvary regiment Samuel Goodwin BIRTH 28 Jan 1835 South …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Samuel T. Jenrett(e)Rank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: SC Siege Train - Manigault's Artillery Pvt. Samuel T. Jenrett 1824-1911  …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Simon Peter GrahamRank: Private Company: IUnit Served: 28th Virginia Infantry regiment Simon Peter Graham was born on …Virginiavirginia
Smith Jackson BunchRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 1st Mississippi Cav. Was Born In 1840 To Parents William Smith …Mississippimississippi
Thaddeus Patrick RainesRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 14th SC Infantry Pvt. Thaddeus Patrick Raines, Co.A, 14th SC Infantry. …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Thomas Jacob Duckett, JrRank: LieutenantCompany: IUnit Served: 3rd Regiment SC Infantry Lt. Thomas Jacob Duckett, Jr Co I …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Thomas Jefferson ShermanRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 3rd Georgia Cavalry Thomas Jefferson Sherman fought in the 3rd Regiment-Company …Georgiageorgia
Thomas Spencer CarteeRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 18th SC Infantry Pvt. Thomas Spencer Cartee Co D 18th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
Weary ClyburnRank: Body ServantCompany: EUnit Served: 12th SC Infantry Weary Clyburn Co E 12th SC Inf. …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William Amos RobertsRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 26th SC Infantry William Amos Roberts 7 Jan 1840 – 30 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William Ashmead CourtenayRank: CaptainCompany: BUnit Served: 8th South Carolina Infantry William Ashmead Courtenay Birth: Feb. 4, 1831 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William Earl DoyleRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 7th South Carolina Cavalry William Earl Doyle Co G 7th SC …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William Giroud BurtRank: ColonelCompany: AUnit Served: 22nd SC Infantry Col. William Giroud Burt Birth: Feb. 11, 1843 …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William Huggins BrawleyRank: William Huggins BrawleyCompany: FUnit Served: 6th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry William Huggins Brawley Birth: …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William James GibbonsRank: 2nd SergeantCompany: HUnit Served: 26th S.C. Volunteer Infantry Regiment Sergeant William James Gibbons (2/19/1822-5/5/1899) …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William Lancaster GrubbsRank: 1st LieutenantCompany: DUnit Served: 2nd South Carolina Rifles Lt. William Lancaster Grubbs Co D …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William M. GistRank: MajorCompany: BUnit Served: 15th Reg. S.C.V. lnfantry William M. Gist 15th Regt. SC Vol …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William Meadow BurchRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 12th Battalion,SC Volunteer Cavalry 4th Squadron & 4th SC Volunteer Cavalry …South Carolinasouth-carolina
William S HutchisonRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 10th Arkansas Cavalry; 15th Cav Btn; 45th Arkansas Cavalry William S. …Arkansasarkansas