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Abraham James BrownRank: PvtCompany: Captain F.W. Wagener's Company AUnit Served: SC Light Artillery (German Artillery)Cemetery and Address: …south-carolina
Abram (Abe- Abraham) HowardRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 11th SC Infantry - 9th volunteers Cemetery and Address: White Church …south-carolina
Abram GaineyRank: 1st SargentCompany: CUnit Served: 54th North Carolina RegimentCemetery and Address: Cross Creek Cemetary #3 …north-carolina
Adrian Nathaniel McDanielRank: PrivateCompany: G Infantry and I CavalryUnit Served: 16th Tennessee Infantry and 4th Tennessee Cavalry …tennessee
Albert Curtis GroomRank: Pvt.Company: EUnit Served: 26th VA InfantryCemetery and Address: Gloucester, Virginia Albert Groom was taken …virginia
Alex Joseph BournRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 26th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Parker Cemetery Horry County, South Carolina …south-carolina
Alexander Campbell EarleRank: CaptainCompany: BUnit Served: 4th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Texas State Cemetery Austin Texas Capt …south-carolina
Alfred English DobyRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (2nd Palmetto Regiment)Cemetery and Address: Quaker …south-carolina
Alfred Jacob “Jake” FutchRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 8th Florida InfantryCemetery and Address: Long Pond, Florida Born on April …florida
Amaziah Whitman GentryRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: South Carolina Battalion InfantryCemetery and Address: Starr Baptist Church Cemetery Starr, …south-carolina
Amos Austin SheffieldRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 42nd AlabamaCemetery and Address: Clarksville Baptist Church Cemetery, Clarksville, Florida Amos …alabama
Amos W OwensRank: PvtCompany: IUnit Served: 56th NC Infantry Amos Owens is one of the most famous …north-carolina
Andres/Andreas Rodriguez/RodrigesRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 8th Texas InfantryCemetery and Address: Zaragoza de Coahuila, Mexico Born in …texas
Andrew Patterson Calhoun CampbellRank: CaptainCompany: GUnit Served: 18th South Carolina Volunteers lnfantryCemetery and Address: Woodside Cemetery Clover York …south-carolina
Andrew Quarles GreenRank: PvtCompany: DUnit Served: 7th SC Infantry ReservesCemetery and Address: Bellview Baptist Church Cemetery 907-891 …south-carolina
Andrew TennantRank: PvtCompany: BUnit Served: 20th Virginia CavalryCemetery and Address: McClung Cemetery, Reedy, Roane County WV …virginia
Archibald James PattersonRank: PrivateCompany: IUnit Served: 18th Tennessee InfantryCemetery and Address: Evergreen Cemetery, Greenland Drive Murfreesboro, Tennessee …tennessee
Archibald KeetonRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 56th Alabama Cavalry Partisan RangersCemetery and Address: Ridge Cemetery, Itawamba Co., …alaska
Archibald VaughnRank: Private Company: Company FUnit Served: 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Hamptons Legion Archibald and his son …south-carolina
Asa Washington SamsRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 64th NC InfantryCemetery and Address: Lone Tree Cemetery, Telluride, CO 81435 …north-carolina
Barnabas EdwardsRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 1st Battalion, NC Heavy ArtilleryCemetery and Address: Laurel Hill Cemetery Thomasville, …south-carolina
Benajamin Hudson RussellRank: 2nd Lt.Company: HUnit Served: 16th Alabama Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Tennessee …alabama
Benjamin Grier CollinsRank: PrivateCompany: Co. AUnit Served: 7th SC Cavalry RegCemetery and Address: First United Methodist Church …south-carolina
Charles Antoine ManginRank: 2nd lieutenant Company: company 2 Unit Served: independent french volunteers ,1st division Cemetery and …louisiana
Charles LesesneRank: 1st Lieutenant Company: KUnit Served: 25th SC Infantry (Eutaw Regiment)Cemetery and Address: New Market …south-carolina
Charles Wesley PritchettRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 38th Virginia InfantryCemetery and Address: Pritchett - Reynolds Cemetery Born 11/26, …virginia
Chesley Shelton CoffeyRank: CaptainCompany: DUnit Served: 2nd Mississippi, 19th MississippiCemetery and Address: Fayette Cemetery, Fayette, Mississippi He …mississippi
Council Evander CollinsRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 26th S.C. Volunteer Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Jolly-Howard Cemetery Florence, Florence …south-carolina
Crispin DickensonRank: CaptainCompany: The Virginia 13th Battalion Light ArtilleryUnit Served: Ringgold BatteryCemetery and Address: Tombstone Cemetery, …virginia
D. P. BennettRank: Pvt.Company: BUnit Served: 12th Texas CavalryCemetery and Address: Rehoboth Cemetery, Freestone County Texas, 31.855690,-96.084804 …texas
Daniel B. DorrisRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: Johnson’s 10th Kentucky Partisan RangersCemetery and Address: Fox Cemetery Webster County, …kentucky
Daniel H MartinRank: SergeantCompany: EUnit Served: 26th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Brown Swamp United Methodist Cemetery, Conway, …south-carolina
Daniel Ross CullersRank: Pvt.Company: KUnit Served: 33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment (Shenandoah Sharpshooters)Cemetery and Address: Likely Groveton Cemetery …virginia
David AlexanderRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: Cobb's Legion 41st Georgia InfantryCemetery and Address: Old Zion Factory Cemetery …alabama
David BarnesRank: PvtCompany: B/GUnit Served: 16th Virginia InfantryCemetery and Address: Forest Lawn, Norfolk, Virginia David Barnes …virginia
David J. HarrelsonRank: LieutenantCompany: LUnit Served: 10th SC Infantry Lieut. David J. Harrelson 1836-1866 Co. L, 10th …south-carolina
David Joseph BlantonRank: PrivateCompany: KUnit Served: 26 Regiment South Carolina Volunteer InfantryCemetery and Address: Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, …south-carolina
David Lemuel Warren AllenRank: PrivateCompany: UnknownUnit Served: Thomas Legion of Cherokee and HighlandersCemetery and Address: Allen Family Cemetary, …north-carolina
David NeffRank: CaptainCompany: HUnit Served: 1st Tennessee Cavalry (Carter's) Enlisted at age 52 at Mossy Creek, …tennessee
David Wyatt AikenRank: ColonelCompany: AdjutantUnit Served: 7th South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Magnolia Cemetery Greenwood, Greenwood County, …south-carolina
Demetrius Felix WillisRank: PvtCompany: EUnit Served: 20th Texas InfantryCemetery and Address: Livingston, Polk County, TX Demetrius Willis …texas
Dr Edward Mortimer BoykinRank: MajorCompany: KUnit Served: 7th Regiment of SC CavalryCemetery and Address: Quaker Cemetery Camden, Kershaw …south-carolina
Dr Moses Clayton CoxRank: 2nd & 3rd LieutenantCompany: EUnit Served: 3rd Battalion infantryCemetery and Address: Martin Cemetery Laurens …south-carolina
Dr. Frederick Sims LewieRank: Lt. ColonelCompany: CUnit Served: 15th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: St. James Lutheran Church, Summit, …south-carolina
Dr. William H. MonteithRank: Private Company: FUnit Served: 44th Georgia Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: 609 Bookers Lane Born …georgia
Ebenezer StenhouseRank: 3rd LieutenantCompany: CUnit Served: 2nd South Carolina Volunteers lntantryCemetery and Address: Huntersville Presbyterian Church …south-carolina
Edmond Thomas IngramRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 7th Alabama Cavalry RegimentCemetery and Address: Shiloh Primitive Baptist Cemetery - …alabama
Edward Ransome LesesneRank: CaptainCompany: KUnit Served: 25th SC Infantry (Eutaw Regiment)Cemetery and Address: Mount Hope Cemetery 1486 …south-carolina
Edward Richard SimmsRank: Private & CorporalCompany: D & KUnit Served: 2nd South Carolina Infantry & Brooks ArtilleryCemetery …south-carolina
Edward Waldo FantRank: PrivateCompany: D & KUnit Served: Fourth Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Lanier Friendship BC Cemetery  …south-carolina
Elbert BlandRank: Lt. ColonelCompany: HUnit Served: 7th South Carolina lnfantryCemetery and Address: Edgefield Village Cemetery Edgefield, …south-carolina
Elbert FowlerRank: Enlisted as 2nd Lt.Company: IUnit Served: 21st CavalryCemetery and Address: Hollywood Cemetery, 412 South …west-virginia
Elijah James JacksonRank: 3rd SergeantCompany: GUnit Served: 47th Regiment, N. C. Infantry.Cemetery and Address: Lumsden Graveyard, Maury …tennessee
Elijah R. AmickRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 15th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston SC Pvt. Elijah …south-carolina
Elisha Capers BunchRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 6th SC CavalryCemetery and Address: Rehoboth United Methodist Church Cemetery Macbeth, …south-carolina
Elisha TylerRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: Manigault's Battalion SC ArtilleryCemetery and Address: Bayboro Baptist Church in Horry, …south-carolina
Elkanah TurbyfillRank: CorporalCompany: CUnit Served: A. P. Hill's Light Division, 28 Regt NC TroopsCemetery and Address: …north-carolina
Emsley Monroe FoglemanRank: Private Company: FUnit Served: 53rd North Carolina Cemetery and Address: Mt. Pleasent United Methodist …north-carolina
Felix CombsRank: Private Company: Not sure Unit Served: 13th KY Calvary CSACemetery and Address: Fisty Cemetery …kentucky
Francis James LesesneRank: 1st Lieutenant Company: BUnit Served: 25th SC Infantry (Eutaw Regiment)Cemetery and Address: Blandford Cemetery …south-carolina
Francis WellsRank: SgtCompany: GUnit Served: 8th Tennessee InfantryCemetery and Address: 5734-5708 Winchester Rd New Market, AL …tennessee
Francisco DeSales Moreno, JrRank: 1st LieutenantCompany: AUnit Served: Orleans Guards BattallionCemetery and Address: St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 …louisiana
George Anderson RiceRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 13th Alabama InfantryCemetery and Address: Blue Springs Cemetery, Winston Co., Alabama …alabama
George Lewis CauthenRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: Second Infantry (Second Palmetto Regiment)Cemetery and Address: Salem Cemetery Heath Springs, …south-carolina
George Royal NorvellRank: PrivateCompany: 1stUnit Served: Capt. James Spears Bourland's 1st Company, 31st Brigade, 3rd Frontier District, …texas
George Washington Lafayette SworRank: SgtCompany: AUnit Served: 5th TN Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Bethel Cemetery, Buchanan, TN 38222 …tennessee
George Washington MooreRank: Second LieutenantCompany: DUnit Served: Col. Parson's 4th Texas Dragoons, and 12th Texas CavalryCemetery and …texas
Green MasseyRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 27th Georgia Infantry Cemetery and Address: Pine Level Methodist Cemetery Green …georgia
Harvey MayRank: PrivateCompany: KUnit Served: 8th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry Was nearly starved to death as a …virginia
Haskew BallRank: Pvt.Company: BUnit Served: 22nd Virginia CalvaryCemetery and Address: Family Cemetery located near Haskew Ball …virginia
Henry “Uncle Dad” BrownRank: MusicianCompany: F & HUnit Served: 21st Regt. SC Infantry & 8th SC InfantryCemetery and …south-carolina
Henry Clay BallardRank: Pvt, possibly later field promotion to Capt.Company: FUnit Served: 2nd Virginia CavalryCemetery and Address: …colorado
Henry Harrison GallowayRank: 2nd CorporalCompany: HUnit Served: 46th Alabama InfantryCemetery and Address: ST. Johns Cemetery 2158 County …alabama
Henry Holcombe BunchRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 28th Mississippi Regiment CavalryCemetery and Address: Lockhart Memorial Burial Park Lockhart,Caldwell …mississippi
Henry Jackson TaylorRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: 34th Alabama InfantryCemetery and Address: Verbena Cemetery Chilton Co. Alabama Pvt. …alabama
Henry James ColemanRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 62ND Alabama Regiment Inf.Cemetery and Address: Kahatchee Cemetery Kahatchee Loop Rd. …alabama
Henry Louis MarlowRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 10th SC InfCemetery and Address: Pauley Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery Dongola, …south-carolina
Hilliard ToddRank: PrivateCompany: K Unit Served: 1st SC Artillery Hilliard Todd A Confederate Soldier, Co. B-Manigault’s …south-carolina
Hylan Benton LyonRank: Brigadier General Company: 8th Kentucky Unit Served: Infantry BORN: 22 Feb 1836 Caldwell County, …kentucky
Isaac BallRank: CorporalCompany: BUnit Served: Capt Melchers' Co, German ArtilleryCemetery and Address: Strawberry Chapel Cemetery Berkeley …south-carolina
Isaac Marion WhitneyRank: CaptainCompany: AUnit Served: 22nd Alabama InfantryCemetery and Address: Shepherd Cemetery, State Hwy 171, Newtonville, …alabama
Isaac Monroe BrantleyRank: privateCompany: GUnit Served: 42nd Georgia Infantry Isaac Monroe Brantley was born May 4, 1841 …georgia
Issac CullersRank: Pvt. Company: UNKUnit Served: 2nd Regiment Virginia Militia Cemetery and Address: Rileyville, Cemetery, Page …virginia
Jacob CannonRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 10th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Stevens Cemetery Horry County South Carolina …south-carolina
Jacob LindlerRank: Pvt.Company: IUnit Served: 15th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta GA (CS Section) …south-carolina
Jacob Madison McKayRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 8th S.C. InfantryCemetery and Address: McKay Cemetery in Timmonsville, Florence County,S.C …south-carolina
James Albert KeetonRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 20th Division Heavy Artillery Cemetery and Address: Goochland Baptist Church. Manakin …virginia
James Ambrose DossRank: Sgt.Company: CUnit Served: 19th Alabama Infantry Also Known As: “Sgt James Ambose Doss”, “James …alabama
James ButlerRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 42nd Regiment Alabama InfantryCemetery and Address: Red Apple Cemetery, Boaz, Marshall …alabama
James Calvin BeamguardRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 18th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Woodside Cemetery Clover, York County, South …south-carolina
James Elisha ReynoldsRank: Captain 1865, Lt 1864, 1SG 1863, Private 1861.Company: KUnit Served: 11th Mississippi Infantry and …mississippi
James Hampton HarrelsonRank: PrivateCompany: KUnit Served: 26th S.C. Volunteer Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Grainger Cemetery Green Sea, …south-carolina
James Henry BeasleyRank: LieutentantCompany: Company BUnit Served: 51st Regiment Tennessee Volunteers, CSACemetery and Address: Okelly Cemetary Fayette …tennessee
James Henry TaylorRank: SergeantCompany: CUnit Served: 1st SC Volunteer InfantryCemetery and Address: Taylor Cemetery Macedonia, Berkeley County, …south-carolina
James Hogan DoyleRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 7th South Carolina Cavalry Pvt James Hogan Doyle Co G 7th …south-carolina
James Jaret BolenRank: Pvt.Company: BUnit Served: 7th Virginia Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Stanley, North Dakota (Possibly Fairview …virginia
James Jonathan JacksonRank: CaptainCompany: GUnit Served: 15th Regiment, North Carolina VolunteersCemetery and Address: Miles Cemetery, Obion County …tennessee
James Knox Polk NeffRank: 2nd Lieutenant Company: HUnit Served: 1st Tennessee Cavalry (Carter's) Mustered in at Dandridge, TN …tennessee
James Nicolas MortonRank: PrivateCompany: Company BUnit Served: 1st Battalion Mississippi SharpshootersCemetery and Address: Black Jack, Milam County, …mississippi
James W. MaxwellRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 23rd Ga Volunteer InfantryCemetery and Address: Taylorsville Ga Served throughout the …georgia
James Washington ClarkRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 1st Regiment SC Volunteers, (McCreary's Infantry)Cemetery and Address: Cycadia Cemetery Tarpon …south-carolina
Jefferson F. Ballew/BellewRank: CorporalCompany: HUnit Served: 22nd SC lnfantry Birth: 1819 Death: unknown Cpl Jefferson F. Ballew/Bellew …south-carolina
Jeremiah BrownRank: Private Company: Company AUnit Served: 15th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Jeremiah and his brother …north-carolina
Jesse A LucasRank: PvtCompany: DUnit Served: 12th Battalion Cavalry - became part of the 4th SC CavalryCemetery …south-carolina
Jesse Augustus Lane DavisRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: Walker’s Division, McCulloch’s Brigade, 19th Texas Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Coffeeville Cemetery, …texas
Jesse Calton CoffeyRank: PvtCompany: EUnit Served: 29th North Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Middle Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, …north-carolina
Jesse H. BakerRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: Fristoe's Regiment Missouri CavalryCemetery and Address: Union POW Camp - Little …arkansas
Joel Gilmore WoodRank: CaptainCompany: EUnit Served: 8th Arkansas Infantry BattalionCemetery and Address: Pine Log Cemetery; Brookland, Craighead …arkansas
John “Jack” Waters GoodeRank: PrivateCompany: IUnit Served: 34th John “Jack” Waters Goode born on December 29, 1818, died …north-carolina
John Alex SarterRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: 18th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Wyatt Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery in …south-carolina
John Andrew DevlinRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 7th South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Due West ARP Church Cemetery …south-carolina
John Andrew GeupelRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: Texas 20th Infantry John Andrew Geupel (pronounced GUY-PULL) was born in …texas
John B. SuttonRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 18th NC Cemetery and Address: Woodlawn National Cemetery 1825 Davis St, …north-carolina
John Boyden DavisRank: LieutenantCompany: DUnit Served: Drivers Company H Woods Battalion Shelby DivisionCemetery and Address: Smith Chapel …missouri
John C CalhounRank: 1st LtCompany: IUnit Served: 62nd Virginia Mounted InfantryCemetery and Address: John C Calhoun Senior …virginia
John Calvin AkinsRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 56th Alabama Cavalry Partisan RangersCemetery and Address: Union Chapel Methodist Church …alabama
John Carson LyonRank: CaptainCompany: C & GUnit Served: 7th SC Infantry VolCemetery and Address: Melrose Cemetery 14 …south-carolina
John Garvin GreerRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 16th Regiment South Carolina Infantry Cemetery and Address: Pleasant Grove Baptist …south-carolina
John Henry PorterRank: CaptainCompany: AUnit Served: 59th Alabama Regiment InfantryCemetery and Address: Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery Holmans …alabama
John Marion DeShazoRank: CaptainCompany: KUnit Served: 30th Alabama Infantry Cemetery and Address: Bold Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery, …alabama
John Martin BoatwrightRank: SergeantCompany: EUnit Served: 6th Alabama CalvalryCemetery and Address: Judson Baptist Church Cemetery 187 Co …, alabama south-carolina
John Mitchell GrubbsRank: SergeantCompany: AUnit Served: 1st State TroopsCemetery and Address: New Prospect Cemetery Jefferson Marion County …south-carolina
John Robert EllisRank: LieutenantCompany: IUnit Served: 19th South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Lindsay Cemetery Abbeville County, South …south-carolina
John S. BakerRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: Fristoe's Regiment Missouri CavalryCemetery and Address: Union POW Camp - Little …arkansas
John Sumter ColeRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 7th SC CavalryCemetery and Address: Manning Cemetery Manning, Clarendon County, South …south-carolina
John Taylor StenhouseRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: 16th South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Huntersville Presbyterian Church Cemetery Huntersville, …south-carolina
John Thomas NewtonRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 1st SC Rifles, Orr's RegimentCemetery and Address: Keowee Baptist Church Cemetery, …south-carolina
John Warren WhiteRank: LieutenantCompany: KUnit Served: Palmetto Sharpshooter Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers lntantry Lt. John Warren White …south-carolina
John Wesley Bruce HughesRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 4th Alabama CavalryCemetery and Address: Rock Springs Cemetery John Wesley Bruce …alabama
John William RhodesRank: PrivateCompany: 15th Arkansas Company C /Crawfords 1/10 arkansas cavalry Company DUnit Served: 15th Arkansas …arkansas
Joseph Jackson ToddRank: SergeantCompany: GUnit Served: 10th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Bethlehem Baptist Church Conway, SC 29526 …south-carolina
Joseph Monroe LoveallRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 7th Tennessee Infantry Regiment He was mustered into service at Gallatin …tennessee
Joseph Newton SpenceRank: Color CorporalCompany: AUnit Served: 8th North Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Jones Family Cemetery, South …north-carolina
Joseph Temple SpenceRank: 1st Lieutenant Company: AUnit Served: 8th North Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Hollywood Cemetery, 1006-1000 …north-carolina
Joseph Theophile TrepagnierRank: 2nd lieutenant Company: legardeur jr. Unit Served: the orleans guard battery Cemetery and Address: …louisiana
Joseph Wesley AmickRank: PrivateCompany: IUnit Served: 15th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Rose Hill/Washington Cemetery (Confederate Section), Hagerstown, …south-carolina
Joshua Dodley AdamsRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 21st. South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Fletcher Cemetery, Marlboro County, S.C. …south-carolina
Josiah Washington FultonRank: PrivateCompany: 21Unit Served: NC 21st InfantryCemetery and Address: Mayodan Municipal Cemetery, Mayodan, NC Josiah …north-carolina
Larkin Gambrell ClardyRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 18th Regiment SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, Richmond City, …south-carolina
Leander Franklin “Doc” CrumleyRank: CorporalCompany: BUnit Served: 52nd Georgia InfantryCemetery and Address: Old Zion Cemetery, Hwy 115E, Cleveland, …georgia
Levi Harrison CullersRank: CaptainCompany: EUnit Served: 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 146th Virginia MilitiaCemetery and Address: Levi Cullers …virginia
Levi Marion KilgoreRank: Pvt.Company: CUnit Served: 28th TN Cavalry Levi Marion Kilgore joined the 28th TN Cavalry …tennessee
Levi Pace CorrRank: 1 Lt.Company: CUnit Served: 21st Militia, Gloucester, VirginiaCemetery and Address: Newington Baptist Church, Gloucester, …virginia
Louis Edward RafieldRank: DrummerCompany: KUnit Served: 21st AL INF Cemetery and Address: 13790 S. Wintzell Ave. Bayou …alabama
Lycurgus Washington CaldwellRank: SergeantCompany: FUnit Served: 3rd Virginia Infantry L.D.T.Cemetery and Address: Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton Virginia Lycurgus …virginia
Lysander Perry ‘Sandy’ BambergRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 8th Alabama Regiment InfantryCemetery and Address: Sardis Cemetery Sardis Church Rd. …alabama
Manuel Simeon CorleyRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: First (McCreary's) Infantry (First Provisional Army)Cemetery and Address: Saint Stephens Lutheran …south-carolina
Matthew Calbraith Butler SrRank: Major GeneralCompany: AUnit Served: 2nd South Carolina CavalryCemetery and Address: Edgefield Village Cemetery Edgefield, …south-carolina
Matthew David YoungRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: Austin's SharpshootersCemetery and Address: Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery, Deville, Louisiana Honorably …louisiana
Meredith T JenkinsRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 54th North Carolina RegimentCemetery and Address: Independence Cemetery. Grayson,Va   …north-carolina
Michael Boliver KennedyRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 27th South Carolina Regiment Infantry.Cemetery and Address: Elmwood Cemetery 600 MLK …south-carolina
Nathan Daniel BolenRank: Pvt.Company: BUnit Served: 7th Virginia Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond Va. Pvt. …virginia
Noah S ChannellRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 31st Virginia InfantryCemetery and Address: Old Brick Church Cemetary, Huttonsville, WV …virginia
Norbert TrepagnierRank: CaptainCompany: AUnit Served: 30th LA lnfantry Regiment Cemetery and Address: St . Louis #1 …louisiana
Obediah Joseph SyfrettRank: Pvt.Company: GUnit Served: 25th S.C. Volunteer Infantry BIOGRAPHY OF PRIVATE OBEDIAH JOSEPH SYFRETT Captain …south-carolina
Patrick Henry LesesneRank: PvtCompany: KUnit Served: 25th SC Infantry (Eutaw Regiment)Cemetery and Address: Blandford Cemetery 111 Rochelle …south-carolina
Philip L. ClineRank: Private/Hospital StewardCompany: FUnit Served: 61st Tennessee InfantryCemetery and Address: White Pine Cemetery Enlisted at …tennessee
Radford Jiles TidwellRank: PrivateCompany: LUnit Served: 9th Texas State MilitiaCemetery and Address: Rock Church Hwy, Bluff Dale, …texas
Reason Edon Franklyn SwilleyRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 5th FloridaCemetery and Address: N/A Private, Company F, 5th Florida Infantry. …florida
Redmond Foster WyattRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 22nd South Carolina Vol. InfantryCemetery and Address: Blandford Cemetery Petersburg, Petersburg …south-carolina
Rencher SpenceRank: PrivateCompany: LUnit Served: 17th North Carolina State troopsCemetery and Address: 1360 N Carolina Hwy …north-carolina
Rev Andrew Jackson EddinsRank: PrivateCompany: C & FUnit Served: 6th SC CavalryCemetery and Address: Pine Grove Baptist Church …south-carolina
Rev George Washington BusseyRank: PrivateCompany: I,DUnit Served: 7th Regiment, South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Red Oak Grove Baptist …south-carolina
Rev William Moffatt GrierRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 6th Regiment SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Due West ARP Church Cemetery …south-carolina
Richard Caswell HallmarkRank: Pvt.Company: KUnit Served: 19th Alabama Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Unknown Richard Caswell Hallmark was …alabama
Robert Alexander PollardRank: PvtCompany: FUnit Served: 2nd VA CavalryCemetery and Address: Fair View Cemetery, Roanoke, VA Robert …virginia
Robert Alexander RobertsRank: SergeantCompany: KUnit Served: 31st Tennessee Infantry Robert Alexander Roberts BIRTH 7 Oct 1841 Weakley …tennessee
Robert BinghamRank: Captain Company: GUnit Served: 44th North Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, Buncombe …north-carolina
Robert Gill Mills DunovantRank: ColonelCompany: F & SUnit Served: 12th Regiment, South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Edgefield Village …south-carolina
Rodolph Boleslas JablonowskiRank: Sergeant Company: HUnit Served: 10th mississippi Sgt. Rodolph Boleslas Jablonowski, Company H, 10th Mississippi …mississippi
Russell Lassiter BrownRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 16th Tennessee Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Browns Chapel: Browns Cemetery Rd …tennessee
Samuel Andrew McGinnissRank: SergeantCompany: EUnit Served: 55th Virginia Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Bristol Mines Farm Family Cemetery …virginia
Samuel Cenus SwilleyRank: PrivateCompany: IUnit Served: 5th Florida CavalryCemetery and Address: Smith family cemetery, Colquitt, Georgia Samuel …florida
Samuel Dekalb BarronRank: PrivateCompany: Kanapaux's CompanyUnit Served: South Carolina Light Artillery (Lafayette Artillery)Cemetery and Address: Ebenezer Presbyterian …south-carolina
Samuel DibbleRank: LieutenantCompany: A, GUnit Served: 1st Regiment South Carolina Volunteers, 25th RegimentCemetery and Address: Sunnyside …south-carolina
Samuel GoodwinRank: Corporal Company: GUnit Served: 4th calvary regiment Samuel Goodwin BIRTH 28 Jan 1835 South …south-carolina
Samuel Perry JuddRank: Pvt.Company: DUnit Served: 7th Virginia Cavalry (Ashby's Cavalry)Cemetery and Address: New Carlisle, Ohio Pvt. …virginia
Samuel T. Jenrett(e)Rank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: SC Siege Train - Manigault's ArtilleryCemetery and Address: Rehoboth Methodist Church …south-carolina
Seaborn GoodrumRank: PVTCompany: AUnit Served: 10th TX InfantryCemetery and Address: Morgan Cemetery: 23311 Morgan Cemetery Rd, …texas
Sherod R SwilleyRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 26th GeorgiaCemetery and Address: Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, GA. BURIED ON CONFEDERATE …georgia
Sidney Burgess ThompsonRank: PvtCompany: GUnit Served: 15th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Hanna Cemetery Hanna Cemetery Rd, Johnsonville, …south-carolina
Simon Peter GrahamRank: Private Company: IUnit Served: 28th Virginia Infantry regiment Cemetery and Address: Oak Grove Cemetery, …virginia
Simon Peter MatthewsRank: PvtCompany: C – 2 nd North Carolina ArtilleryUnit Served: 36th NCCemetery and Address: Neils …north-carolina
Smith Jackson BunchRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 1st Mississippi Cav.Cemetery and Address: Cedar Hill Cemetery Vicksburg,Warren Co. Mississippi …mississippi
Thaddeus Patrick RainesRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 14th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Lamar Hwy, Timmonsville, …south-carolina
Theodore A. P. WhiteRank: PrivateCompany: KUnit Served: 43rd North Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Pinebluff, Pinebluff, Moore, North Carolina …north-carolina
Thomas Andrew Jackson OliverRank: Sgt.Company: DUnit Served: 21st Militia, Gloucester, VirginiaCemetery and Address: Beech Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, …virginia
Thomas Hill MaconRank: Pvt.Company: AUnit Served: 12th AL INFCemetery and Address: 1202 Virginia St. Mobile AL 36604 …alabama
Thomas Jacob Duckett, JrRank: LieutenantCompany: IUnit Served: 3rd Regiment SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Clinton Cemetery Clinton Laurens County …south-carolina
Thomas Jefferson DowneyRank: PrivateCompany: IUnit Served: NC 50th RegimentCemetery and Address: Cool Springs Cemetery 382 W Main …north-carolina
Thomas Jefferson Hines Jr.Rank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 38th Virginia InfantryCemetery and Address: Pritchett Family Cemetery Mount Cross Road …virginia
Thomas Jefferson ShermanRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 3rd Georgia Cavalry Thomas Jefferson Sherman fought in the 3rd Regiment-Company …georgia
Thomas Samuel CottenRank: CaptainCompany: A company Franklin RiflesUnit Served: 7th Mississippi ♥ M/1st – 16 May 1863, …mississippi
Thomas Spencer CarteeRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 18th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery Boaz, Marshall …south-carolina
Tilman Howell WheatRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 41st AlabamaCemetery and Address: Bethabara Cemetery , Coker, Alabama 35452 Tilman …alabama
Turpin Dickson MageeRank: MajorCompany: BUnit Served: 46th MississippiCemetery and Address: Magee Cemetery, Jaynesville Road, Jefferson Davis County, …mississippi
Walter Vitalious FosterRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 3rd Alabama ReservesCemetery and Address: Gibbs Chapel Cemetery, Blount Co., Alabama …alabama
Weary ClyburnRank: Body ServantCompany: EUnit Served: 12th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Hillcrest Cemetery Monroe Union County …south-carolina
Wesley PowellRank: PrivateCompany: Pittsylvania ArtilleriesUnit Served: Captain Motley's Light ArtilleryCemetery and Address: unknown June 1817, Enlisted …virginia
William “Billy” BoltonRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 5th RegimentCemetery and Address: Providence United Methodist Church Cemetery 768 Chase …south-carolina
William Amos RobertsRank: PrivateCompany: EUnit Served: 26th SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Bethel Cemetery in Aynor, SC William …south-carolina
William Ashmead CourtenayRank: CaptainCompany: BUnit Served: 8th South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston, South Carolina …south-carolina
William Cannon MooreRank: PrivateCompany: DUnit Served: 8th Texas Cavalry, Terry's Texas RangersCemetery and Address: Oak Hill Cemetery, …texas
William Cantey LesesneRank: PvtCompany: KUnit Served: 25th SC Infantry (Eutaw Regiment)Cemetery and Address: Blandford Cemetery 111 Rochelle …south-carolina
William Crawford AnnisRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: 9th Battalion Louisiana InfantryCemetery and Address: Magnolia Cemetery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana …louisiana
William Earl DoyleRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 7th South Carolina CavalryCemetery and Address: Mexia City Cemetery, Mexia, Limestone …south-carolina
William Giroud BurtRank: ColonelCompany: AUnit Served: 22nd SC InfantryCemetery and Address: Bellevue Cemetery Bellevue, Bossier Parish, Louisiana …south-carolina
William Henry KitchensRank: PrivateCompany: FUnit Served: 45th Georgia InfantryCemetery and Address: Kitchens Cemetery Jones County, Georgia Enlisted …georgia
William Huggins BrawleyRank: William Huggins BrawleyCompany: FUnit Served: 6th Regiment, South Carolina InfantryCemetery and Address: Magnolia Cemetery …south-carolina
William James GibbonsRank: 2nd SergeantCompany: HUnit Served: 26th S.C. Volunteer Infantry RegimentCemetery and Address: Gibbons Family Cemetery …south-carolina
William Lancaster GrubbsRank: 1st LieutenantCompany: DUnit Served: 2nd South Carolina RiflesCemetery and Address: Oak Grove Cemetery Graham, …south-carolina
William M BrownRank: PrivateCompany: GUnit Served: 65th Georgia Cemetery and Address: New Hope Church, Dallas Georgia William …georgia
William M. GistRank: MajorCompany: BUnit Served: 15th Reg. S.C.V. lnfantryCemetery and Address: Gist Cemetery Cross Keys Union …south-carolina
William Meadow BurchRank: PrivateCompany: AUnit Served: 12th Battalion,SC Volunteer Cavalry 4th Squadron & 4th SC Volunteer CavalryCemetery …south-carolina
William R RobinsonRank: PrivateCompany: BUnit Served: 25th Alabama ArtilleryCemetery and Address: Union Grove Cemetery William “Bill” Riley …alabama
William S HutchisonRank: PrivateCompany: CUnit Served: 10th Arkansas Cavalry; 15th Cav Btn; 45th Arkansas CavalryCemetery and Address: …arkansas
William Summers MooreRank: 4th CorporalCompany: BUnit Served: 4th Arkansas State TroopsCemetery and Address: Liberty Cemetery, Dry Fork, …arkansas
William Toliver HartRank: PrivateCompany: HUnit Served: 47th Virginia InfantryCemetery and Address: Bethany Baptist Church; Spotsylvania, Virginia Enlistment: …virginia
Willis Alfred TillmanRank: DrummerCompany: IUnit Served: 21st AL INFCemetery and Address: Cedar Grove Baptist Church Theodore AL …alabama