Angels in the Bluegrass

I dreamt melancholically the other day,
Of some Men in Blue, and other Men in Gray,
Many scattered abroad as leaves in Autumn’s shades,
And messmates linking arms to cross the River as light of day fades.
I saw Heavenly Angels by the score,
Soothing fevered brows with balm for limbs, wounded and sore,
Others silently plying the bloody fields, returning to Heavenly chariots,
Merciful Angels, treading where death had touched the lads in Butternut.
In the tall Bluegrass and corn,
I heard Gabriel loudly blow his Shofar horn,
Angels descending Jacob’s mighty ladder from Heaven to Earth,
Finding a Father against son, a brother against brother, of love a dearth.
Among the willows lie our beloved Southern dead,
Smote among a great slaughter of giants dred,
Dark dragons flitting among the fallen, searching for souls,
Forbidden from spiriting righteous warriors to Sheol.
Beautiful Angels in the Bluegrass,
Singing and playing in bands of rapturous happiness,
The Faithful and True gathered around God’s Holy Throne,
Confederate with Abraham of Old to fight the wrong.
Gathered from Shiloh, Sharpsburg and Malvern Hill,
Each pilgrim’s progress as the song of whipporwills,
No more sorrow and pain for these lads so brave,
They’ve fought the fight and kept the Faith.
Ages pass and seasons inexorably roll,
The Boys have answered their last roster call,
Lonely were the fallen on mountainsides grim,
Oh Lord, Thou knowest how we miss them.
Fighting for the railroad of Finegan and Levy Yulee,
Smoked and quilted Graybacks holding the Blue tide at Olustee,
Vying for the high-ground at Lookout and the Round Top,
Men and Boys, resolute valor and leaden skies could not stop.
Companies of slain at Mobile and in McClemore’s Cove,
Hecatombs of dying lads at Petersburg and in Howard’s Grove,
Rally around the Gospel Standard all ye brave lads ere we perish,
Mother and Gramps, Stonewall and Lee, forever we cherish.
Dedicated to the enduring honor and memory of the Roberts Men and Boys, CSA

BY- Robert Silas Griffin 5/02