Old Blue Light

There he stands.
There he stands under the shade of trees,
There he stands like a stonewall…
scabbard laying at his feet, sword flashing
upon high. There stands old Blue Light.

There he stands, his feet no longer leading
the Foot Cavalry of old Virginia. From a breath
while in his death, there is a sigh. Where there was
once a brilliant victory’s cry.
There stands Old Blue Light under the shade of trees,
upon the palm of Heaven, upon the soil of Virginia and the

Old Blue light, you wore Dixie’s pride like robes of rare.
Old Blue light, you fought for Dixie like the bulliest of bulls.
Old Blue light, The South cries for you.

Though your blue light may fade,
like the stars absorbed by a full moon’s flashing ray.
Though your cause may plummet from victory to death,
and though that blue light fades…let there always be a
stonewall, forever under the shade, under the shade of trees.

-Zac Tims, 7/29/99