You bravely answered when our country called.
You left your homes and families, sacrificing all.
Oh how proud we are…of you each and everyone.
And we’ll send up daily prayers for you, until this war is done.
This letter comes with support for everything you do.
You are the very best we have…from land of the red, white, and blue.
So please don’t pay much heed… for some don’t understand.
Sometimes it takes war… to bring freedom to the land.
The sacrifices you’re making… principles worth fighting for.
Will forever be remembered, as you open freedom’s door.
As you follow in great footsteps of those from wars of past.
Of all the heroes we have known… these are the ones that last.
Keep your spirits up as you do this needed task.
And if you wonder what we’re thinking…
There is no need to ask.
You’re the first thing that we think of… at the rising of the sun.
All through the day, well into the night… long after the day is done.
We’re praying for your families too, while you are far away.
With them, we look forward to that glad reunion day.
Trust in God’s promises… for we know His word is true.
What He has done for others, he will surely do for you!
Brave ones of America fighting in this fight…
God bless you and keep you safe as you strive to make things right.
With Deep Respect and Love:
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Plant City Chapter 1931
“The Authentic Chicks of Dixie!”

Author: Sally Raburn