Richmond Air Corps, by Henry Kidd

The streets of Richmond heard the footsteps of,
Jackson, Davis and Lee.
I’m proud to say that many of us,
hail from their family tree.

While walking through her hallowed lanes,
I feel a sense of pride.
Richmond’s battlefields and monuments,
honor those who died.

I thought of men who gave their lives,
defending her sacred soils.
It’s up to us to remember their deeds,
and never forget their toils.

A special place in Richmond,
is known both near and far.
The gun foundry of the Confederacy,
its’ name is Tredegar.

Southern steel and Southern guns,
were forged inside her walls.
She armed our soldiers and sailors too,
who answered Dixie’s call.

So, why the hell is Lincoln there?
He disgraced this Southern land.
To remove this blight and reclaim our pride,
together we must band.

The seating of this ugly man,
was something forced on us.
The sight of him and his little brat too,
only makes me cuss.

I gathered my nerve and went to see,
how Yankees had shown their ass.
While viewing old Abe, I also saw,
many spots upon the brass.

With closer look, I noticed they were,
the work of pigeon’s best.
On Lincoln’s head a proud bird struts,
a Rebel flag upon his breast!