I wrote this poem one night after a lifetime of contemplating how wrongly
southerners are perceived. I thought you might want to take a look at it.

Susan Bruce
5 Design Lane
Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Southern Comfort

You see contrary to most of this countries beliefs,
Rebels are the foundation upon which this country was built.
And the only thing they had to give was their blood, tears and grief.
Now their fellow countrymen pay them back by lying upon them guilt.
When really all that is wrong is that they have forgotten how this country
was built.
No one was afraid to ask them to give their blood, sweat and tears
when this country was in trouble back some two hundred years.
But now they are the outcasts, the rednecks and the outsiders,
On the outside looking in, while others hold all the power.

Blue collar workers is what they call us now,
New name, same blame, it’s all the same game somehow.
You can call us what you want to, the names don’t bother us.
Actually they make us stronger, prouder and much more rebellious.
We have been here since you have and no matter what you say,
You are sadly mistaken if you think you can make us go away.

We have many labels; ignorant and redneck hicks,
And maybe it is true that some us were raised in the sticks.
But put us up against any obstacle, force or foe,
And we’ll stare it in the face and battle like a pro.
Southerners are tough and we are still in the game,
Cross one of us and you’ll never be the same.

You see we have always had to battle just to live and survive
And most of us are just cowboys that you’ll never take alive.
You say we all have chips on our shoulders and have an attitude,
And when you get right down to it I guess we can be downright rude.
But the constant slurs and comments have made us this way.
And most of you other people only have yourselves to blame.

Southerners are proud of their heritage and of what they’ve done,
And they never forget the past from which they’ve come.
If one of us do happen to get lucky and make it in this life,
We never forget our brothers who are still living in strife.
Unlike you we simply don’t put on airs for what the world wants us to be,
Simply don’t look if you don’t like what you see.

Proud to be a rebel and a southerner yes I am,
And if any of you don’t like it I don’t give a damn.
Stay out of my face and away from me and we’ll get along just fine,
And if you can’t manage that I can really blow you mind.