Hilliard Todd

A Confederate Soldier, Co. B-Manigault’s SC Artillery and Co. K, 1st SC Artillery, In the Army of The Confederate States.
Only one of five Confederate brothers to survive the War.

The Horry Herald – Thursday, Feb. 13, 1902
Mr. Hyliard Todd aged about 60 years departed this life Jan. 27th 1902. Mr. Todd was an old confederate veteran who was wounded several times but survived. He was a hard working man and leaves much sign where he has been. He was living near Eldorado, S. C. and was enterred at the Pond Field grave yard.
He will be greatly missed in his neighborhood. He leaves a wife and eight children to mourn after him.
A Friend.

Brothers and Sisters:
John H. Todd, 1830-1863, CSA
Elizabeth J. Todd, 1829-
Martha C. Todd Grainger, 1834-1860
Lemuel M. Todd, 1836-1863, CSA
Dennis Todd, 1838-1865, CSA
Elmore Todd, 1842-
James Melvin Todd, 1846-1863, CSA