In her compilation “Granddaddy’s Turbyfills – Being the Lineage of John Turbyfill”, Julia Henson Perry writes: “Elkanah fought in the Civil War. He was first left in the county as a home guard, but when his neighbor deserted Elkanah joined the army rather than turn in a good friend. He was taken prisoner and also wounded. He died as a result of a wound and is buried in Campbell family cemetery in Maiden, NC.”

Corporal Elkanah Turbyfill, C company, 28th NC, Lane’s Brigade, A. P. Hill’s Light Division, ANV. Wounded in action Chancellorsville and later at Spotsylvania Courthouse in May of ’64.  He developed gangrene and was sent home where he died there 28 June 1864. He named my grandfather James Lane Turbyfill (1862-1924) after General James Lane and members of my family still carry the Lane name to the present day.