Sons of Confederate Veterans
  • ONLY ONE COPY AVAILABLE! Published in 1996. Hardback. Good condition. This book looks at the ordinary people who fought the war and the people they left behind. It is about Belle Starr and Johnny Clem, one of the South's top female spies, the other a nine-year-old drummer boy who went on to serve 46 years in the U.S. Army. It is about the first shot fired at Fort Sumter and the final lowering of the Confederate flag. It is about death on the battlefields and in prison cells, about women fighting to be recognized for their accomplishments, and how people on both sides managed to survive the deadliest war this nation has seen.
  • Near mint condition. 18 sets available. Each set contains the following stamps: 1.) Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson 4 cents 2.) Washington & Lee University 3 cents 3.) UCV Final Reunion 3 cents 4.) Robert E. Lee 30 cents 5.) Civil War Centennial "Fort Sumter" 4 cents 6.) Civil War Centennial "Shiloh" 4 cents 7.) Civil War Centennial "Gettysburg" 5 cents 8.) Civil War Centennial "The Wilderness" 5 cents 9.) Civil War Centennial "Appomattox" 5 cents 10.) Stone Mountain Memorial 6 cents
  • TWO COPIES AVAILABLE! Hardbound. 404 pages. Excellent condition. Born in New Jersey in 1818, a graduate of West Point in 1843, Samuel French won distinction in the Mexican war as a lieutenant of light artillery. At Palo Alto, Resaca, Monterey and Buena Vista he was actively engaged, receiving two brevets for gallantry in action and a serious wound at Buena Vista. But with the coming of the great civil war his narrative takes on a sterner interest. French was of Northern birth, but it is plain that the South had not a more devoted adherent. Commissioned a brigadier general in the provisional army of the Confederate States in October 1861, French served in various capacities with zeal and efficiency until his appointment as major general to command a division of the army under Gen. J.E. Johnston. A very interesting read!
  • Published in 1959. With text drawn from diaries and letters and pictures from public and private collections this book tells in detail the history of the American Civil War. 273 pages.
  • THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT BUT WE HAVE 8 COPIES AVAILABLE. ALL ARE BRAND NEW IN SHRINK WRAP. Taken from Amazon: This book is that rarity of rarities, a history of the South covering the turbulent 19th and 20th centuries, written from the Southern-conservative viewpoint. Its central theme is the devastating culture-war which various groups of Northern liberals have been waging against the conservative South since the 1830s, using the South as their battleground to defeat limited republican government under the tenets of Christianity in the U.S. as prescribed by the Constitution, and replace that with a socialist nation-state run under the religion of secular humanism. This book identifies key events in American history which, although indisputable, are nevertheless ignored or distorted by the mainstream liberal historians; and it puts those events in proper perspective. The result is a book which reads like the history of an entirely different country than the one we're accustomed to reading about in most American-history texts. This book tells how Northern capitalists, and their politicians used the culture war to support an economic war of their own against the South, which led directly to the 1861 - 1865 War of Northern Aggression, following which the federal government converted the South into the agricultural colonies of the Northern capitalists, governed under bayonet rule, and deliberately held in grinding poverty until WWII. And now the liberal-dominated institutions of the U.S. are systematically discrediting and suppressing the beliefs, values, culture, and true history of the traditional South, in order to destroy the conservative Southerners as a people and remove the last big roadblock hindering their transformation of the U.S. into a socialist nation-state. "The South Under Siege 1830 - 2000" will be of no interest to ideological liberals; but if you want to know why the U.S. is now divided into red states and blue states; and what is happening to the South right now--and will happen to the rest of the U.S. in the very near future, this is one of the few books that will provide real answers.
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